Best Smart Watches For Kids – 2020 Ultimate Guide – Good functionality

Just like wearable devices for adults, the watches for kids have come a long way both in terms of features and functionality. A Smart Watch is no longer restricted to adults as there is a multitude of Smartwatch models available for younger audiences as well, offering some exciting games along with learning development, thereby giving parents a good reason for investing in the best Smart Watches for Kids.

There are smart gadgets that easily fit into the palms and around the wrists like best rated kids smart watch, which helps parents to track down the location of the wearer and allows kids to enjoy some amazing features integrated into it.

Because of the wide variety of options available in the market, it becomes really challenging for parents to choose the right smart watches for Kids.

Top 12 Smart Watches for Kids – Quick View Table


To make things simpler and easier, here is the brief buying guide along with the reviews of some best toddler smart watch models.


Device compatibility is the primary factor that is worth considering when finding the best smartwatches for kids.

Most of the smartwatches that are designed work today compatibly with most of the smartphone models. So, based on the type of smartphone your kid is using, you need to make the purchasing of the smart watches for kids.

There are also smartwatches which can work solely without the need for a Smartphone.

Interface & Display

  • Another important feature that you need to consider when looking for smart watches for kids is the interface and the display of the SmartWatch. Whether your kid needs a touch screen smartwatch or the models with buttons, it completely depends on the preferences of your kids.
  • There are many touch screen models which are considered to be a no brainer, and you can choose between LCD display, AMOLED display, or OLED display depending upon your budget.
  • The advanced touch screen smartwatches usually consume lots of battery juices, and hence you need to look for the smart watches with a larger battery size with optimal backup.

Battery Life

You might be aware with the fact that there are different smart watch models with varied battery capacity.

So, when you are buying the smart watches for kids, ensure that you opt for the model that meets your kid’s preferences and still provide a longer battery backup to allow them to enjoy all its features and functions efficiently.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking of Smart Watches for Kids

If monitoring the location of your kid is important for you as a parent, then it is necessary that you opt for the best smart watches for kids with GPS tracking. However, you need to shell out some extra money for buying such models with a GPS tracking facility.

The Best GPS smart watches for kids offers parents with location alerts and geo-fencing.

You have to make a choice between Bluetooth and cellular networks.

Some of the models work with Bluetooth, while others need the cellular network to provide the extract GPS location of the wearer.

Two Way Communication

If your kid prefers texting and talking over the smartwatch and wants them to respond to your call, then look for the smart watches for kids that come with a dedicated slot for SIM card for two way communication. However, the SIM needs to have a data plan to facilitate phone calls and to message.

Some of the models even come with an SOS button for emergencies, and this offers an additional layer of communication during any emergency situations.

So, these were some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for the best smart watches for kids. Now let us check out the reviews of some models of kid’s smartwatches.

Reviews of Best Smart Watches for Kids!

“Enow Kids Smart Watch”

1-Enow Smart Watches for Kids

Enow Kids Smart Watch is the multi-functional smartwatch that promotes two-way communication along with LBS positioning. The smartwatch comes with an SOS emergency call facility and also comprises of Camera and Flashlight. All the controls and settings can be managed by parents through its application, and hence parents can have complete control over the activities and location of their kids.

The LBS positioning technology of the smartwatch offers the ultimate safety of the kids, and the SOS emergency button can help parents know when their kids need them during emergency situations.

  • It comes with built-in memory to store phone numbers of 10 people.
  • This smartwatch also comes with a remote camera function, which can be used to record moments of your kids, and kids can also take photos and share them with anyone.
  • The camera can also be controlled via its App remotely by the parents, and when the watch comes in the signal, it can sync the images with the application, which is conducive to parents to learn about the environment.

The watch also features class mode and safe area, which allow parents to use 3 time periods on do not disturb mode.

The Good:

  • Multi-functional smartwatch for kids
  • Class mode and do not disturb mode
  • Remote camera function and LBS positioning

Not so Good:

  • Need a SIM card for communication

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Zqtech Kids Smartwatch


Zqtech Kids Smartwatch is the digital wristwatch with smart functions that come with GPS tracker and SOS alarm clock with a remote camera.

This smartwatch is completely waterproof and comes with a global dustproof standard and promote two-way communication with the help of the SIM card.

The smartwatch also features the LBS positioning and comes with the SOS emergency button, thereby offering you with ultimate multiple functions with this single watch. This smartwatch features AGPS and LBS positioning, and this dual positioning technology provides precise location of the kids based on the cell tower station.

This doubles the safety and security of the kids. With just a click of the SOS button, your kids can send you text messages during emergencies.

This smartwatch also features two-way communication, which allows kids to make and receive calls within the set phone numbers in the watch. When the SOS button is pressed, it will automatically call 3 numbers in two rounds until the call is answered.

It also comes with school mode, which ensures that the kid is not disturbed when they are in the class.

The Good:

  • Dedicated school mode
  • Two-way communication
  • Waterproof and dust resistant

Not so Good:

  • Battery backup is average

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“Beaulyn Smart Watch”


Beaulyn Smart Watch is the advanced smartwatch for kids that work as an independent phone on GSM 2G networks.

This smartwatch allows the wearer to make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch, and the touch screen display of the smartwatch allows the wearer to dial numbers and do the settings for the smartwatch effortlessly.

Besides, browsing the internet and handling social profiles is also possible with this smartwatch as it can be connected to 3G networks for high-speed internet.

  • It comes with a dedicated slot for extended memory card where you can store your files, music, and images.
  • The smartwatch can be connected to smartphones and install the App for BT notification.

Sleep monitoring, Pedometer, sedentary remind, image viewer, sound recorder, calendar, alarm clock, and calculator are some of the other features and functions that you can enjoy with this smartwatch for kids.

The smartwatch comes with 0.3MP of the camera, which allows you to capture images and record videos.

The smartwatch is compatible with almost all Android devices, and you can sync with any Android device via its application.

The Good:

  • Touch screen
  • Multi-function Bluetooth smartwatch for kids
  • Can be used as an independent phone

Not so Good:

  • No Tracking

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“VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2”


This is the smartwatch which is designed by one of the leading manufacturers of electronic learning toys. This smartwatch looks great with elegant metal edging with dual mechanical control buttons, of which one is for controlling the camera, and the other is for timing.

  • It features elastic silicone bracelet design, which is comfortable for the wrists of toddlers.
  • It is the multi-functional device that is designed for kids aged 4-9 years, and the advantage of this device is that it comes with dual cameras, one at the front and one at the top of the watch.
  • This allows kids to take photos and record videos efficiently.
  • It comes with lots of effects and filters and gives kids with the opportunity to develop creative abilities.

Besides, the smartwatch comes with a variety of games to keep your kids engaged. There are active games like child jumps, dances, and looks at the number of steps you take per day and more.

There are also different logical games and puzzle games, and you can also sync it with PC to download lots more games.

The Good:

  • Allows you to download multiple games
  • Comes with the dual-camera setup
  • Cool and stylish designs

Not so Good:

  • Lacks in GPS tracking

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“MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch Phone”

5-Meritsoar Smart Watches for KidsIf monitoring the location of your kid is very crucial for you, then this is the smartwatch that you must purchase as it comes with dual poisoning systems based on LBS and GPS positioning technology. It gives you the precise location information of your kids, and you will know where your kids are presently whenever you need them.

This smartwatch also comes with sage Geo-Fencing technology, and hence parents can now set security zone through its application. Whenever your kid is out of the safe zone, parents will be informed about the same immoderately.

Parents can also check the route history with its footprint feature present in the application.

The smartwatch also features the SOS call and Remote Voice technology.

The SOS button will call 3 numbers set in the gadget for 3 seconds with instant receiving of calls from the smartwatch directly.

This smartwatch features two-way communication and allows parents to set 10 numbers in the phone book of the smartwatch. The smartwatch is waterproof, and it comes with an HD touch screen along with GPC tracking.

The Good:

  • Multi-Function smartwatch for kids
  • Support voice chat and two-way calls
  • Precise location tracking with GPS+LBS

Not so Good:

  • Need SIM to work

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“Kids Smart Watches- Smart Watch Phone for Boy Girl by LsFlair”


This is the advanced kid’s smartwatch that comes with 1.5” of HD touch screen, and the strap integrated into the smartwatch is the edible silicone, and it is drop resistant material. Plus, the smartwatch comes with a built-in MP3 player with 1GB of Micro SD card slot, and it supports expandable memory up to 32GB.

Top Features: It features 7 built-in games and supports 5 different languages along with 3 alarm clocks, a recorder, and a calculator. Apart from this, the smartwatch also comes with a 12/24 hour format watch that allows the kids to change the digital clock from 24 hours to 12 hours settings as per their preferences.

The smartwatch also supports 2-way communication with HD video calling features. So, parents can control their kids anytime and from anywhere. It can store up to 10 phone numbers, but you can’t define the name for the numbers.

It comes with 1GB of free memory for storage of images, and files and it can be extended up to 32GB.

The smartwatch also features the SOS emergency call function and quick emergency help. It connects using the 2G networks.

The Good:

  • SOS emergency call function
  • Music and camera image storage up to 1GB
  • Edible strap safe for kids

Not so Good:

  • No GPS tracking

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“SZBXD Kids Waterproof Smart Watch”

7-SZBXD-Kids-Waterproof-Smart-Watch,-GPS-TrackerSZBXD Kids Smart Watch is the professional-grade waterproof watch with smart features, and it comes with IP68 Waterproof Standard, so you don’t have to worry about any water-related damages.

This is the AGPS tracker smartwatch that offers precise location details using the AGPS and LBS positioning technology.

  • So, parents can now easily track their kids in real-time and know the location with the Settracker 2 App. But it works completely on the cellular network, and hence for precise detailing, you need to keep the watch connected to the cellular network.
  • The smartwatch supports 2-way communication, which allows you to make and receive calls through the watch, and you can also send voice messages to parent mobile through its built-in App.

Besides, the smartwatch can also be used for text messages to anyone via its App. It works on Micro Nano-SIM, which you need to purchase separately, and the SIM needs to be enabled with GPRS function and caller ID function. It comes with a digital camera in front of the watch that can be used for capturing images, and the strap used for the smartwatch is safe for kids.

The Good:

  • Professional waterproofing with IP68
  • AGPS and LBS positioning technology
  • Voice chat and texting enabled

Not so Good:

  • Works on 2G speed only and not a touch screen

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“Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker”


Keep your kids within your radar with this new kid Smart Watch with GPS Tracker. It offers you precise location tracking of your kids using the latest GPS and LBS positioning technology. This is the multi-functional smartwatch that comes with footprint alert, safe area, and SOS emergency alarm.

Activate the safe is the mode on the smartwatch, and when the kids go out of the safe area, an alarm will notify you about it through its App.

  • The SOS Emergency Call feature makes automatic calls to the number that is pre-installed in the gadget, and parents can control the settings via SetTracker App to ensure the safety of their kids.
  • This smartwatch features two-way communication and voice chat as well. This means that it can make calls to 10 phone numbers and send them text messages along with voice chat.

The smartwatch also features the remote monitor and DND facility. Parents can set the voice monitor in the APP and dial the number, and the DND service prevents your kids from getting disturbed during classes at school.

The Good:

  • Colorful and designer smartwatch with pink strap
  • Easy SOS emergency call button
  • Remote monitor and Do Not Disturb feature integrated

Not so Good:

  • Provide location details on the basis of cellular network

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“Smart Watch for Kids by Karaforna”


Give your kids with the ultimate safety wearable device and keep monitoring their activities with this Smart Watch for Kids, which is exclusively designed with a colorful strap that is kid-safe. This smartwatch is compatible with the 2G network and provides you details of your kids using the cellular networks or Wi-Fi network. It is equipped with GPS chip and location base on cell tower station, and this ensures double safety of the wearer.

Since it uses LBS positioning, you are likely to get an accurate and precise location of the kids.

The smartwatch also features an SOS emergency call facility which would call for 3 seconds to circularly call family’s number, and the numbers are required to be pre-set earlier.

The smartwatch does not come with SIM card, and hence you need to purchase it separately. You need to equip it with the SIM card to operate it as intended.

It also features 1.4” of HD display with touch screen feature which males you can slide operate the device and set the settings of the device.

Plus, it also comes with a remote monitor that supports two-way communication and a camera for capturing images.

The Good:

  • Multi-function smartwatch with remote monitoring
  • Wi-Fi and GPS + LBS location
  • SOS emergency call feature

Not so Good:

  • Battery backup is average

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“Kids Game Smart Watch Phone by Karaforna”


Another wonderful, smart gadget by this brand that comes with 1.54” of HD display and has a touch screen feature that allows your kids to enjoy the smartwatch settings easily. This is basically a smart game watch that is suitable for kids aged between 6-9 years, and it has nine main features and functions, which include calculator, watch alarm clock, camera, games, music player, photo album, and call recorders.

The smartwatch comes equipped with multiple fun puzzle games and other learning games. They can enjoy playing those games on the smartwatch, and this will enhance their ability to respond, logical abilities and thinking, and also hand-eye coordination.

Apart from being a smart game watch, it is also the smartwatch for making calls and receives calls as it supports two-way communication.

Note: Kids simply need to press the power key twice to activate the SOS emergency calls, and it will automatically call up to 3 pre-set numbers.

The phone memory is enough to store up to 10 contacts without defining their names.

It also comes with a dedicated card slot for memory cards, and it can be extended up to 1GB.

The Good:

  • Fun-filled puzzle and learning games come pre-installed
  • Camera and recorder with the music player
  • Touch screen display

Not so Good:

  • No pre-set keyword

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“Themoemoe Kids GPS Smart Watch”

11-Themoemoe GPS Smart Watches for Kids

Themoemoe Kids GPS Smart Watch comes with multi-functions and advanced features which allows you to make calls and give parents with complete peace of mind knowing where their kids are presently.

This is the advanced smartwatch that comes with GPS, LBS tracker, and positioning system, which means that you can now get the real-time location of your kids all day long.

It offers more precise positioning and location of the kids using the cellular network. This smartwatch works with a 2G network, and the location is offered based on the cell tower station. Besides, the smartwatch also features a soft-touch SOS emergency button which kids can press during emergency situations.

  • Since it works on the cellular network, the accuracy of the location may be wrong sometime.
  • The smartwatch for kids comes with class mode and DND service, which means that parents are not required to worry anymore as the smartwatch would not bother them during their class hours.

Parents can now set 3 time periods on the smartwatch in Do Not Disturb mode, and this function will prevent the kids from getting distracted from calls, games, camera and other expect SOS emergency during their calls hours.

The Good:

  • IP67 Water Proofing smartwatch
  • LBS and GPS Tracker
  • Class Mode and DND

Not so Good:

  • Works only on cellular network for geo-tracking

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“Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Tracker”

12-Bluetooth-Smart-Watch-Fitness-Tracker,-Touch-Screen-Smart-Wrist-Smartwatch Smart Watches for Kids

This is the smartwatch that is available two different working models – Bluetooth model and SIM Card Model. With the Bluetooth model, you can connect the smartwatch with your Smartphone using the Bluetooth technology and make calls and do other activities.

  • In the SIM card model, you need to use the GSM 2G network SIM with the smartwatch and use it as a real phone to make and receive calls.
  • This is the multi-functional smartwatch that comes with an image viewer, sound recorder, music player, calendar, and more.
  • It also features 0.3M of a camera that allows you to capture images and record videos from the smartwatch directly.
  • It also has a fitness tracker that allows you to keep tracking your fitness daily.

The sync function of the smartwatch allows you to connect the smartwatch with the phone via Bluetooth and then download and install apps and do a lot many things.

It is compatible with all Android devices and Apps, and for the iOS device, it doesn’t support the App function and SMS. It is an exclusively designed smartwatch that comes in the completely black color theme. It also features an SD card slot for extending its memory with Micro SD card.

The Good:

  • Pedometer compatible
  • Dual working modes
  • Sync function

Not so Good:

  • Not an HD display

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